October in New England

Here we are, halfway through October. It’s been a bit over a month since my last post. In that time, we spent more time in Peterborough, New York City, Newport (Vermont), and Holderness. We socialized, we saw friends, saw family, had a good time. It’s starting to get cooler out, and we’re currently far enough north that the leaves have begun dropping in earnest.

There are parts about the travel that are more challenging than others, though I’m still enjoying it so far. For instance, traveling with a pet can make things hard, like wrangling a spot for him to be when we can’t bring him with us (thus far, my parents have been gracious enough to help watch him on those occasions, but that only works while we’re in this region). Also, the sort of random paperwork and administrivia of everyday life that ends up predicated on you being in one spot for longer periods of time (getting things shipped, car registrations, doctor’s appointments, anything that requires both sending and receiving correspondence). You can take it for granted when you’re planning to be in one spot for a long time, and it’s all surmountable, but it’s still just extra logistics to consider. A fun one I just bumped into was a sudden work trip coming up at the end of the month, and needing to figure out what airport made the most sense to fly out of.

It’s autumn, and it feels like it. Starting to have grey days, it’s getting cooler, and you can feel change in the air as the wind blows through the trees. It’ll still be a while before it gets properly cold (knock wood), but it’s coming. This is usually a time where I tend to get a little melancholic, a little reflective, dig into my feelings a bit, take stock. I look forward to it, honestly. But frankly I’ve felt so scattered and distracted lately that I haven’t had the energy or headspace to do that. I hope that shifts soon.