Maynard’s Rules

  1. There is an exception to every rule — including this one. This rule is its own exception. Even the physical laws of the universe alter when under extremely high or low temperatures, high or low energy, pressure, and other reasons. If you can’t think of an exception to a rule yet, it just means you haven’t thought of it yet. (General Rule)
  2. If you like something on the market, it will no longer be available when you want another. This applies to clothes, tv shows, or anything meant for consumption. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as falling out of sync with a manufacturing cycle (e.g. clothing styles coming in and out of fashion depending on the season or year), or it not having mass appeal (e.g. tv shows that are cancelled even though you and everyone you know thinks it was great, because you and everyone you know is still a drop in the bucket compared to the total aggregate viewing audience). (Economic Rule)
  3. Never speak ill of the dead or the dumped. To borrow a line from Shakespeare, “Nothing extenuate, nor aught set down in malice.” The dead are not in a position to defend themselves. The dumped are also often not in a position to defend themselves, and further, you got to leave on your terms. It’s generally unwise to speak ill of anyone, but the dead and the dumped are particularly noteworthy. (Social Rule)
  4. “Life isn’t fair” is a call to action, not an excuse. It’s generally considered a universal truth that life isn’t fair. However, when we use this as an excuse for being unfair to others, we’re failing ourselves and each other. Life isn’t fair, which means it’s on each of us to embody fairness as much as we can. (This doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be pushed around or walked on, much in the same way that kindness doesn’t always mean niceness.)(Social Aphorism)