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Nabil “Nadreck” Maynard has been involved in online communities and the web since late 1996, and blogging since 2002 (archives here and here). Over the years, he’s worn many hats, working as a guest director and corporate sponsorship coordinator, a community administrator and level designer, computer repair technician, technology columnist, software test engineer in the video game industry, QA Engineer, and Technical Writer.

Other interests and hobbies include speculative fiction, photography, travel, and video games. Nabil currently lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, which is a lot like his home state of Vermont, only with more food carts and less snow.

About the Site:

nadreck.me, like the tagline at the top of the page suggests, is the somewhat rambling home for Nabil’s writing and thoughts. Links to interesting articles, quotes, and videos happen on a relatively frequent basis, with longer essays and critiques coming less frequently but covering topics with more depth and perspective. Please Note: The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any past or present employer.

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