And Just Like That, It Was October

Rabbit Rabbit, y’all.

The usual apologies for not posting more frequently – it was certainly something I thought about, but just wasn’t in the mental headspace to do it. Some days the fields are a harvest, and some days they’re fallow. Both are important, though I feel better when it’s the former.

Vermont foliage, in the hills near Starksboro

Currently sitting in Boston Logan Airport, waiting for my flight back to Portland. This is my second attempt – they canceled my flight yesterday, so I had to grab a hotel for an extra night. I’ve been out in New England for the past week, wandering around and enjoying the fall foliage (and far too many cider donuts), with Simone. It was our first longer trip together, and I think it went well! We saw some family (my parents, my cousins Bill and Peri), but didn’t reach out to friends (mea culpa). Made it to Peterborough but not Squam – still plenty of gaps to excuse coming back again.

Samuel Adams statue outside Fanueil Hall

The summer went by pretty haphazardly – it simultaneously feels like it took forever to get here, and also weird and abrupt that it’s already October. I usually write a fair bit while at Squam, but I didn’t even post once while there this time. Instead I worked on some MUD projects, noodled some more on some personal projects, and socialized with various family members. Likewise, the week I spent in San Francisco in August would have a perfectly reasonable time to get some writing done, and I just didn’t. September involved a lot of work and preparing to take the last week of the month off (which has been a delight, but also not a lot of writing done). In two-ish weeks, I hop on a plane to Austin for a week for work – we’ll see how that goes! Considering the purpose and duration, I’m debating whether I’ll even bother bringing my personal laptop.

All the flying has been a nice opportunity to dig through some of the stacks of ebooks I have on my tablet. Most recently, I’ve been reading some old Roger Zelazny stories, which have been a delight – Eye of Cat and Isle of the Dead are both a lot of fun (I feel like Eye of Cat would be a good candidate for getting animated as part of Love, Death & Robots). I also picked up a collection of early Ursula K. LeGuin short stories while I was in Peterborough, and I’m looking forward to going through that. (That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to revisit her book on writing, Steering the Craft…)

This post is a little scattered, but I felt like it was time to at least post a life update. I’ll write more soon.