Link: Aqua Screenshot Library

This is for the UX and UI nerds out there: the Aqua Screenshot Library. It’s a collection of various windows, dialogs, screens, and other UI elements in Apple’s Aqua interface in each major version since the Mac OS X public beta. I’ll be curious to see how they handle cataloging Mojave, since there’s light and dark modes for everything. It’s really interesting to see how the interface has continued to evolve (and which aspects remain largely unchanged). You can really see where and how this:

Became this:

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  1. I certainly remember the steps between 10PB through 10.6, but Apple’s shutting off of 32 bit support for our Macbook Pro 1,1 units really pushed me away into the Linux world. 10.7 to 10.12 are all foreign places. But your brother handed me a 2008 vintage MBP 15″, which let me play with the “macOS High Sierra Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs”. It’s a fun toy, but a slow experience on a decade old Mac.

    Not much of the new hardware speaks to me. Perhaps an updated Air would be the right thing. One day, I’ll end up working somewhere that will issue one to me…

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