It was April the 41st…

(It being a quadruple leap year.)

Hello again, dear readers. It’s been a bit, so this will be one of those “roll-up life updates” posts.

Back in April, my brother bought a house. He and I live well together, so I ended up moving in as well. We’re still in Portland, but a bit further out into Northeast. (This works out well for me, since my new job is in Vancouver — it makes for something like a 12 minute commute.) I ended up renting out two rooms so I could convert one room into an office, which means I finally have had room to fully unload my storage unit! This is the first time that’s been the case since 2007/2008, so that feels good. I still need to finish unpacking, and then do the “why did I save this?” culling, but it’s a start.

I’m ~2 months into the new job, and it’s good. Folks seem to be friendly, and it’s nice to be able to dive in and chew on things so I can figure them out enough to explain to others. On the whole, things have been going pretty well, if not in a particularly noteworthy or revelatory way.

That said, with the good sometimes comes the sad. One of my uncles passed away earlier this month. He will be missed, and my warmest wishes go out to my aunt and my cousins. Rest in peace, Uncle Dick.

A week later, I got word that an old friend of mine had also passed away. This one took me by surprise — I hadn’t heard from her in a little while, so hadn’t heard she was ill. I’m still not entirely sure what to say. I will say: it was an honor to know you, Janet, and my heart goes out to your family.

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