I turn 36 today. It sort of broke my brain to realize that it’s been 18 years since I was 18 (I’m an age of majority past being the age of majority). It’s made me think about what I’ve managed to create or do with my life. My depression-brain immediately went to “you’ve made nothing,” but that’s the depression lying, because that’s what depression does. It’s my birthday. Let’s try and do better. What have I done with myself since I turned 18?

  • I traveled across the country solo, for a several month walkabout. I liked doing it so much that I did again a few years later. I still love to travel and would love to take off for a few months again.
  • I helped run an online game that’s still going, creating a dozen+ areas, managed a team of creators, and made a lot of friends along the way.
  • I helped create and run a gaming convention, including doing work I wouldn’t have otherwise expected to do (chasing corporate sponsorships, etc). I learned a lot from the experience.
  • I got married. I got divorced, too. Really, I’ve had several long term, fulfilling relationships that I still appreciate and don’t regret, even if they did end.
  • I bought a house! And sold it. I’ve lived in Seattle (a childhood goal, dating back to being a 10 year old Nintendo fanboy), and Portland (a place I actually felt like I fit in for a while, more so than pretty much anywhere else I’ve lived).
  • I went to college! And graduated! As much as a Bachelor’s degree isn’t valued as much as it used to be, I’m still glad to have it.
  • I managed to work in games for a while (also a childhood dream), and helped with both game and product launches.
  • I worked in the software industry, for a top-tier company, on products I actually liked and cared about.

I’m sure there’s lot of things to be proud of that I’m glossing over, but I didn’t really expect to make an exhaustive list. Just wanted to remind myself that I’ve actually had a pretty nice life, and have gotten to do some pretty interesting things. It leaves me curious about what the next 18 years has in store.

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