It’s the End of the Year!

What a year. It’s pretty easy to look at 2016 as a year full of doom and gloom (a super partisan and frustrating election cycle with a terrible outcome, many deaths of cultural and scientific icons, increasing tensions all over the globe, et cetera… the list goes on for a while), but there’ve also been some really good things, too. I suspect the year will be remembered for being shitty for a lot of people, but it’s important to not neglect the good that came too.

Personally, 2016 hasn’t been my worst year (that award still goes to 2005, with 2007 a close runner up), but it’s also not been great. I started the year battling depression and arguing with my boss, which lead to me leaving my job in March and moving back to Portland. The move back to Portland has been good for my general stress levels, but I’ve still been struggling to get the depression under control and finding a productive routine. That said, I’ve been able to reconnect with friends (as well as making new ones). I got to attend my favorite conference, and joined their online community (a robust and active Slack group). I still feel like a bit of an outsider/alien there, but it’s definitely more connection than I’ve had in a while.

One big thing I’ve done in trying to move forward that I don’t think I’ve actively mentioned here: I’ve applied to the Masters in Library Information Studies (MLIS) program at University of British Columbia. I don’t know if I’ll be accepted (I visited the campus and talked to folks at the program, which left me feeling like my chances were good), but at least I’m applying! I’ll update things here when I know more.

So, what am I hoping for in 2017? Peace on earth and goodwill towards all. More personally: I’m hoping to get a better handle on the depression and finding a productive routine that lets me do things I want to do; I want to find more people I feel a deep connection with, and foster that more; I want to get into grad school and have all those stars align to make it work; I want to get healthier/fitter, have more energy, get out into nature more; I want to travel some more. I feel like a lot of that is interconnected, so it actually feels relatively manageable.

Other things I’d like to do more: get back in touch with more people, and find ways to be more open and up front with my emotions and fondness for folks — letting people know how much I really do appreciate them. (If you’re reading this and made it this far, chances are pretty high that yes, I’m talking about you.)

Anyway, that’s my 2016 into 2017. How about you? What are you hoping for in 2017?