WiiFit's Role on Game Design

What Activities That Can Be Turned Into Games? over at Lost Garden. Fascinating article, discussing the role of things like the WiiFit on expanding the horizons of game design in society.

The harbinger of game’s ascendancy to all aspect of the modern life is not some piece of evocative art or Citizen Kane-a-like. Instead, our future appears in the form of a glorified bathroom scale. Still, if we can improve people’s lives with a bathroom scale, just imagine how games can transform the rest of our world. (Danc at Lost Garden)

2 thoughts on “WiiFit's Role on Game Design

  1. It is usually amazing to see exactly where know-how goes and the potential of gaming is no various. There are many cool and extremely revolutionary technologies arising. There is no way to inform which one particular will make the up coming huge wave, but a single matter is for positive, it will have some thing to do with receiving rid of the remote as we know it!

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