Jacket by David Vandervelde

Sometimes you feel like listening to songs with significance and meaning that resonates with you on a personal level… and then sometimes, you just want a really great rock groove that gets your foot tapping. We’re covering the latter tonight, with “Jacket” by David Vandervelde, off his album The Moonstation House Band. (It seems especially timely in that he released a new EP yesterday called Nothin’ No.) The song has a lot of texture to it, reminding me of a mixture of indie, glam, and 60-70s rock a la Creedence Clearwater Revival. That might sound like an odd amalgam (or maybe not), but it totally works. There’s a strong rhythm carried across multiple instruments, with lyrics that augment the song without really being necessary to listen to to appreciate the song. It’s the summer: download the song, put it in your car, and next time you’re driving around with the windows down, put this on and tell me that it isn’t exactly the right song for that moment.

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